• Friday’s Assignment

    Are you flexible?

Today’s task is to build the following page:



What Am I testing for:

  1. Can I use FlexLayout?
  2. Can I make the UI responsive?
  3. Do I use the right font?
  4. Do I follow my steps?

Remember the concepts you learnt:

  • Flex Layout
  • *ngFor
  • Material
  • Responsive Design
  • .xs, .gt-md

A few things to note:

  • You have being taught everything you need to complete this comfortably
  • Follow the 3 step rule
  • Commit your code to GitHub
  • Google is my friend
  • Use this font: Varela Round, you can import it by clicking here
  • NO media queries allowed
  • You can use different pictures from the one in the Template, the important thing is that the layout needs to be the like in the template
  • The below triangle can be straight, dont worry about that:

  • The below needs to slide sideways:

for an example of this, click here and view how Azania Canvass slides sideways

  • The below can be in a straight line:

Good luck, this is due today (17 June 2022) at 19:30